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A DIY music box with logs + metal, the best birthday gift 2022

A DIY music box with logs + metal, the best birthday gift 2022

Voria, holding a shield in the left and a sword in the right, stands tall with a determined attitude, protecting the one he loves.

A piece of wood, some metal parts, and in a few hours, you can assemble a beautiful Metal And Mood DIY KIT Music Box~

The assembly process is full of fun, and the finished product is full of mechanical feeling and strong playability.

The choice of music box is also very careful. It adopts the Japanese SANKYO movement, one of the world's two largest music bell manufacturers and the world's top octave brand, with pure and perfect sound quality, exquisite workmanship and durability.

 Detailed paper manuals and tools are provided as a gift, and the difficulty is two stars. Generally, it can be completed in 2.5 hours.

Craftsmen who like to challenge can also freely modify and DIY their own unique Voria!

Height 4.68 In, width 4.68 In, thickness 2.97 In. Weighs about 0.280 kg.

Log + metal material, smart and natural, put it at home, literary and fresh~

Put it in the office, when you are tired from work, open the music box and relax instantly~

Four pieces of music are available: City Sky, Canon, Spirited, and Happy Birthday.

 Choose one of them for your favorite relative or friend?

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