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A Brief History of Metal Kit Building Toys - From 100 Years Ago

A Brief History of Metal Kit Building Toys - From 100 Years Ago

What and how do children play in the age of technology?

In 1898, the famous British inventor Frank Hornby developed a metal assembly toy specially designed for children, and set up a whole set of metal parts design system for children.











1901 design draft


The small metal sheet parts specially designed for children and the structural design that is easy to assemble but can be used indefinitely, the round and fine polishing dispels the worries of parents who are worried that children will scratch their hands when playing with metal toys, and they are immediately loved by children and are popular all over the world.

1932 French metal toy poster











Even today, more than 100 years later, Frank Hornby's classic sheet metal shape and hole spacing are still used in various metal building toys.







Early metal building toys










Children's love of metal building models makes this metal building toy the first choice for engineering science enlightenment.









The simplest metal assembly toy, children can get started at the age of 5 or 6, and when the child is older, they can develop from simple metal assembly to more complex metal construction robots









In modern times, in addition to the combination of metal sheet and screws combined with modern design, metal mechanical models are more delicate and complex.














Mech model
























After that, a metal sheet model toy that can be cut by itself has been developed. The mold design of the metal sheet is more diverse, and it can also complete more complex and beautiful metal structures. Metal assembly has also accumulated a large number of fans.











 But the sharp corners of the sheet metal are not suitable for children, more suitable for teenagers and adults.








In addition to the joy and sense of accomplishment of building, and the knowledge of construction engineering, what else can children gain from metal assembled toys? creativity! Metal assembly is just an introduction to engineering. After understanding the characteristics of metal, engineering science and structural science, metal structure combines motors, chips, programming... Cars, airplanes, and Iron Man, how to make them.

In recent years, more and more DIY models have been loved by everyone, such as engine model kits, insect kits, and animal model kits. An excellent choice for adding family fun.

Engine model Kit

Insect model Kit

Animal model Kit

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