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About Metalkitor

Our Design Inspiration

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  - Thomas Jefferson.

Welcome to Metalkitor, the place that offers the things you’ve never had, outside of your wildest dreams, and deepest yearnings.  

who are we?

At first we are a metal welding company established in 2012. Unlike other welding companies, we mainly weld handicrafts. Examples of animals that are suitable for display are horses, wasps, lions, chameleon and whales. Because it is welding, our raw materials are basically scrap metal parts.

3D Metal Mechanical War Horse

3D Metal Chameleon Model

Zodiac Model

Until 2021, our designer jungle (English name) has a new idea, welding is finished, why not make them into parts and enjoy the fun of DIY? In this way, it can also be provided to more people, not only adults, but children can also enjoy their puzzles. So the company started the production of model kit.

Here we take the beauty, wonder, and otherworldliness of nature, and turn it into mechanical marvels that come to life at the flip of a switch, all for the joy of creation, and for your entertainment.  Nature got it right: that which is alive must have a certain character to it.  Something unique and distinct.

Much of the “modern world” of our new Information Age is all about sleekness, sameness, being smooth and indistinguishable from one another.  While the engineering may be truly brilliant, the aesthetic, the look, is utterly forgettable.  Sometimes, we don’t want smooth, sleek little tools that are as precise and simple as pencils on the outside.

Sometimes we want the things we create to actually look like something distinct.  For it to have a character, a soul, already built into at a glance before we ever “turn it on” or display it.  The Information Age has granted us wonderful tools, but a horrible aesthetic.

What we have, what we own, what we wear, has now largely become as distinct and unique as the famous painting ‘The Son of Man’ where there is an apple in front of a man in a suit.  You remember the apple, and that there was a suit.  You don’t actually remember much about the suit itself, and you really don’t remember the man.

900000 parts a month

In order to be able to mass produce more parts, we make nearly 30,000 parts a day, some parts need to have a specific color, and we also have long-term cooperation with electroplating factories.

Our mission

  • Through the recycling of discarded metal parts of automobiles, they are designed into a series of metal artworks after processing.
  •  With the development of smartphones, the interaction between family members has become less. So we design these products that keep the brain busy. It can keep children or adults away from mobile phones and have more time with them.
  • When we choose gifts for friends or family members, we often distressed. DIY metal models can solve this problem very well. And it will be a good memorial.

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