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How to find the metalkitor manual about the metal puzzle model?

How to find the metalkitor manual about the metal puzzle model?

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When you receive the package and want to zoom in and analyze its construction with the help of the manual in the electronic file, don't worry, you can contact our customer service staff by email. They are and, they will help you in the first time. In addition, you can also get the manual link you need through here.

3D Metal DIY Mechanical Wasp Insects Puzzle Model Kit Assembly Jigsaw Crafts 

SKU: AK3041738

It should be noted that it is divided into two parts, one part is the body of the wasp, and the other part is the installation of the voice-activated light.

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3 Commentaires

  • Please can you provide the instructions for the Bengal Tiger with wings. I have lost them

    - Jackson Thirgood
  • bonjour,
    J’ai acheté l3D Metal Puzzle Animal Spider King Plus , malheureusement le manuel est incompréhensible car en langue étrangère et il manque des notes explicatives sur les pièces à placer ainsi que l’ordre de leur placement. Existe t’il un manuel plus complet.
    D’avance je vous remercie pour votre réponse.

    - Petitjean Eric
  • i bought the model called “metal fighting shooter” and i can’t find the manual for it. this is the link i was sent. :-(

    - Ian Harrison

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