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Top 9 Steampunk Designs, Which one makes you most curious?

Top 9 Steampunk Designs, Which one makes you most curious?

Steampunk, new inspiration, different visual experience.

You may have gotten to know these guys through one of the questions we discussed last time-what is steampunk.

  • Game machine full of blood

With this delicate gear set on the rust-colored body, French designer Elise Siegwald made a steampunk game console, which was made of old parts and spliced ​​together, full of nostalgia for the game consoles in childhood.

  • Steampunk guitar

The rust color of the metal is matched with the dark color of the wood, and the detailed parts are matched with the simple wood grain. Russian streetArt has launched a steampunk style guitar, which is good as an elegant decoration.

  • Drip coffee machine

Each component is assembled by laser cutting, the core component is a transparent coffee machine, you can see its working process, fine craftsmanship, cool and practical, this is a combination of steampunk and Eiffel Tower launched by the Dutch laboratory Coffee machine.

  • Cute wireless mouse

The steampunk style wireless mouse Rhombus Maximus was designed by Alex Neretin, an industrial designer from Moscow, Russia, in copper, bronze and walnut. The cute appearance makes this mouse feel like a foreigner.

  • A tribute to Edison's lamps

In honor of Thomas Alva Edison's contribution to the invention of the electric light bulb, Edison Light Global has taken advantage of the highly sought-after opportunity of industrial style to launch a steampunk light fixture. The details and craftsmanship of the products restore the manufacturing level and aesthetics at that time.

The mechanical energy gear table lamp "Dawn" was designed by Anna Blattert and Daniel Gafner. It is a table lamp with complex workmanship that requires no electricity. The power comes from a weight and a gear inside the lamp, similar to a traditional clock.

  • Skeleton Mechanical Watch

A mechanical watch called the Memento Mori was made by designer Fiona Krüger and was inspired by the skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots and the Mexican festival of the dead. All parts of the movement are handcrafted and assembled to form a skull shape.

  • motorcycle made of watch parts

Artist Dan Tanenbaum made a series of miniature motorcycles out of watch parts, and the cute parts became the main components of the car.

  • Steampunk style cafe

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