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These Bugs Can Not Only Be Collected As

These Bugs Can Not Only Be Collected As "art", But Also Kept As Pets!


The world of insects is huge, and there are far more species of insects that have not been discovered than those that have not been discovered! Some insects can not only be collected as works of art, but also kept as pets. Let's take a look at some rare and beautiful insects!

Orchid mantises

Orchid mantises, which can change themselves according to the color of their flowers, are now found in tropical regions of Southeast Asia.

Because the orchid mantis is so beautiful, there is a huge economic market behind it, and some people do not hesitate to spend more than $1,000  to buy orchid mantis from Southeast Asian countries to return to their home countries. According to 2017 data, the price of an orchid mantis is generally around $300, and it is estimated that it will be cheaper now!

Stick insects

Stick insects are mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. There are about 2,200 species in the world. They live in forests or bamboo forests. They are forest pests, and some species also harm crops.
The general body length is 6 cm to 24 cm. The largest is 62.4 cm. Stick insects are slow-moving, like to stay quietly on leaves during the day, and come out to forage at night, the main food is the leaves of plants. At present, some people like to keep stick insects as pets! But it will bite and it is not recommended to keep it in person!

Magic flower mantis

The largest of the predatory mantises, can reach 13 cm in length and enjoy the reputation of "the king of mantises". It is also one of the rarest mantises in the world and likes to prey on flies, moths, butterflies and beetles.

Black tallow silkworm moth

It is the largest known moth in the world, spreading its wings up to 180-210 mm. This species of moth is very precious and rare, and is a protected insect. It is distributed in many places in the southern provinces. It is a protected animal and cannot be caught at will! Look at the sides of his wings that look like two snake heads!

Great halberd beetle

It is the longest beetle in the world and one of the largest beetles in the world. The longest record is 184 mm. It is distributed in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. This beetle is very popular in Japan, and many people like to collect it as a pet or as a specimen. It can also be used to fight insects, just like fighting crickets! Because of its high economic value, many specialized farms have also multiplied! It is said that a long halberd worm can be sold for several thousand dollars!

Mecynorina torquata ugabdensis

The Ugandan beetle, as its name suggests, is a beetle produced in Uganda, Africa (also one of the subspecies of the Tuguada beetle). , wild individuals can reach 100mm.

Chilean rose

Chilean rose spiders are native to the forests of South America. It is covered with dark red fluff and belongs to a type of ground-dwelling spider. (Individuals will punch holes.)

It is not as aggressive as the common Vietnamese tarantula, but the fire rose is better at kicking hair, (the New World tarantula will turn its abdomen to the enemy and quickly use its hind legs when in danger Rub their abdomens to release the stinging hairs towards their enemies.) It can cause skin irritation on contact with the stinging hairs. If the stinging hairs get into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and go to the hospital for help.
Its food intake is also smaller, its metabolism is slow, so it has a longer lifespan, (limited to females, usually the lifespan of males is only about 2 years), and its adaptability is relatively strong. The price of ordinary fire roses is one of the cheaper pet spiders, (15~30 larvae, 70~120 adults, and 40~60 sub-adults.) Again, the fire rose is not a variant of the red rose. , they are two different species, to be distinguished, the rare is the most expensive. Overall, the Chilean fire rose is by far the most popular pet spider.

The katydid family

Mainly distributed in the old tropical and subtropical regions. There are many kinds, including China! But the type is different, it can make a special sound, which is very beautiful. Some people even keep it as a pet!


Grasshoppers, together with crickets and oil gourds, are known as the three major singing insects. I dare say that most people these days have never seen him, let alone heard his voice. He was tall and tall, and his body showed a variety of colors, the most common being green. Some people specialize in catching grasshoppers and go to the pet market to sell them for money, and they can only sell them for about $15 dollars! If you want to catch it too, you have to try your luck in your local mountains!


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