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The best DIY model kit gifts for your family-wasp model

The best DIY model kit gifts for your family-wasp model

When you think of robots, you often think of a large, human like contraption, either with lots of gears and clockwork, or with a lot of wires, bolts, and plastic, aesthetic coverings.  When you think of beauty, you often think about works of art, landscapes, someone you love, and often things with a lot of color: both for the eyes and for the heart.

Those who have a love of beauty don’t often add robots, of any design type, onto that list.

Those who have a love of robots and engineering don’t often worry about aesthetics, except as a very obvious afterthought.

While the two sides are often at odds, there are some who have found a way to combine the two, and elegantly at that.

Often, one of the first things as children we find beautiful in the natural world, are wasp’s.   

Most everyone hates insects, or bugs, universally, even as we grow older.  Perhaps especially as we grow older.  However, there are a few exceptions, and chief among them are wasp’s.

Most can consider them literal living and flying artwork.

So what happens if you combine a miniature robot with the design and beauty of a wasp?

You get the Steampunk wasp’s.  

Their small size: able to fit in the palm of your hand, necessitates both elegant and delicate engineering.  Precision parts, carefully assembled together to create a robotic wasp that can flap its wings.  In this way, they have a tiny robot that imitates life, while looking both beautiful and intriguing as it does it.

The very best of engineering can give an inanimate object the illusion of life and a character that can be seen with just a look.  

We being human, often find life, or the illusion of life, in the eyes, or “pseudo” eyes, and the Distilled wasp’s each have their own, distinct sets of eyes.  That, combined with a body and style of wings that give them each a distinct look, give each wasp, which are each a robot, and are as different from each other as you and me, character.  They are each an individual, which you can tell at a glance, making each one a unique creation.

Then there are the wings: burnished metal cut to the exact shape of the species of wasp that they are designed off of.  And each one then turned into a work of art that brings them to life, so that anyone, from a 5 year old to a 90 year old can tell at a glance that this little robot is a wasp.  There are a wide variety of wings and designs to choose from, and each one is different and unique and eye catching, just like their living counterparts.

Taken together, and you have a little robot wasp that is both elegant and precision engineering, while combined with beauty and character, bringing them each to life.  However, there are many robots, and robot wasp’s out there, so how do the Steampunk wasp’s standout from crowd?

The answer is easy: style.

These beautiful little robots are based and designed in the style of Victorian Era Steampunk: a particular aesthetic look of art and engineering based on the late 1800’s.  This style choice gives them the all best of modern day precision engineering combined with the elegant, sophisticated look of the famous Victorian Era of history.  They have jewels worked onto the body and the wings, letting all who see them know that they are beautiful gifts for the sophisticated of society.  

It makes them feel like something from the past, an automaton, with all the elegance of the modern world.

Whether they are for yourself or someone else, a gift for a loved one with a love of beauty, or a love of engineering, or a love of the past, the Steampunk wasp will be a standout and a stand alone gift!  

They will catch the eye, and engage the imagination!

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